4WD 3 piece Traction Pad Fade Orange


Tail Pads

Our 4WD (Four Way Diamond) allows for grip and release in 4 different directions.  Starting from the center and moving your foot toward the edges, allows for added grip.  Starting from the edges and moving your foot toward the center allows for added release.  This provids grip when needed while giving the flexibility to move your foot around the traction pad.


  • 3 Piece " Y " Cut
  • Grooved Micro Dot
  • Nose To Tail Side to Side Directional Diamond Groove
  • 20mm Contoured Tail Kick
  • 7mm Low Profile
  • 12" Wide x 13" Long
  • 6" Wide at Tail

Our Stay Covered surfboard traction pad utilizes Four Direction Diamond Groove to create hold when pressure is added to your back foot and release when pressure is eased from your back foot.  This allows your foot to move on the pad when needed and grip once pressure is applied in four different directions. There is more grip from center our than from center in. Our low profile arch adds extra hold and drive throughout your turns.