Board Bog Ding Repair Putty 48 Pack

48 x Board Bog 20g packets of surfboard repair putty with FREE SHIPPING in the USA!

*Independent review by re-known surfer and product reviewer, John Maher, on his website "Hungry Walrus": "Hungry Walrus" Review

Check out John's video review below from Tavarua Island, Fiji.


Board Bog is a revolutionary new 'ding' repair product that will fix any type of board (surfboards, SUP’s, sail boards, knee boards, fiberglass kite boards).

  • it is totally frictionless when wet!

  • it will stay stuck to your board in all conditions!

  • it pulls off with minimal residue if you want a professional fix!  

There is no sanding or drying time with Board Bog, as soon as you finish applying it you can surf it. Just apply, smooth the edges down with your finger and get back in the water.
Board Bog is an easy to use temporary OR permanent fix. 

Board Bog is specially formulated to never completely harden for easy removal. 

Board Bog is 100% Travel Safe so you can take it on any surf trip.  

Board Bog -   don't get caught without it!



  Q. What is Bog?

Bog is a putty like substance that has a feel and consistency similar to that of modelling clay. Bog is made from a variety of natural compounds that are blended together following a patented formula and manufacturing process. Each Bog product has been individually formulated to have the unique properties required for its use and application. 


Q. Do the Bog products harden or go off?

No, our products are specifically formulated to not harden for ease of removal and to allow for subtle movements to the surfaces without comprising the seal of the Bog.


Q. Prior to applying the Bog, is there any mixing required?

No mixing is required. Simply knead product until pliable, then apply.


Q. Is Bog a two-part epoxy compound?

No, Bog is a single part compound that does not require mixing and requires no curing time. Bog always retains its semi-flexible state so that it can withstand subtle movements and can be easily removed at any time. 


Q. Are the Bog products flammable or toxic?

No, the Bog products are non-flammable and non-toxic. Although, commonsense applies - do not eat!


Q. How do I remove the Bog products?

Scrape off the product using fingers or a small spatula, then wipe the area vigorously with a cloth.


Q. How do I remove the Bog residue from my hands and fingers?

Wipe hands with a dry cloth and then wash with soap and water.


Q. Does heat or cold affect the Bog products?

In cooler temperatures, the Bog may require more kneading to become pliable. However, the cold will not affect the performance of the product.


Q. Do the Bog products have a shelf life?

No, our products are not subject to degradation over time.